Baron- Vegan Tattoo Artist from China

Baron- Vegan Tattoo Artist from China

How did you become vegan and tattoo artist?

The word “vegan” just don’t make sense to me, until I watched a movie that mainly tells the story of how a cow produces milk for human consumption. It was so heart breaking to watch how these poor animals were treated like milk-producing machine. From then, I felt how unfair is this world for the weak-for the animals. So how could I help them? Then, I told myself that I should start to make a change. And so, I became vegan over a week.

I realized that I should do something that would express my thoughts and emotionss, so, my friends and I opened a tattoo shop. Through this, I was able to express more of myself through my works. I was also given chances to share my story to my clients. I would love to offer them tattoos that would show the love for animals and nature however I wasn’t given that much chance because most clients like other cools designs, but, thats fine with me.

Also, I own a cafe with my wife , and now we offer additional menu - the “vegetarian & vegan” one. Through this, I am able to create variety of food that are purely vegan and I am proud that most of our customers prefer it. 



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