Interview with Vegan Tattoo Artist Andy MA (Berlin, Germany)

Interview with Vegan Tattoo Artist Andy MA (Berlin, Germany)

We are happy to introduce you vegan tattoo artist Andy MA - Lightworkers Tattoo, Berlin!

"I told to myself, "I'll never do that again!" and I never thought that I would ever tattoo again."       

Fortunately everything changes and today this great tattoo artist pleases us with his awesome works! Andy shared with us how he became a tattooer, told about artists that inspire him and gave some advices.

How did you start your route into tattooing?

It's a long and boring story maybe but for that we need to go back 14 years ago in Sweden when I was 18 and got my first tattoo. I probably got it because I was inspired by my older brother Cretan who had a lot of tattoos and he always played such an important part of my life and introduced me to so much interesting things. He got me into punk and hardcore music in a very early age. I started playing in bands shortly after that and became a vegetarian by the age of 13 (I later became vegan in December 2012).  

Tattoos is kind of a big part of the punk/hc scene and my brother had a coil machine at home that he had bought from a tattooer. He did some tattoos on friends and me and one night I decided to try it out, I just scribbled something on my leg to get the feeling of the tool. "Fuck this!" I thought to myself, "I'll never do that again!" and I never thought that I would ever tattoo again. Buuuuut, I think everything changed for me in my mid 20s when I discovered Guy Le Tatooer, cause after that I started designing my own tattoos and planning where exact to place them on my body.

I was fooling around with pointillism in art school when I was a teenager and I remember my teacher who didn't like me all the sudden said "Oh! That looks great!" so I did this technique two days in a row, but the second day I did it she told me "it was interesting the first day you did it" Oops! Sooo that kind of killed my confidence in that style and I didn't work with dots for many years until I saw the works of Guy Le Tatooer. It brought back the interest of working with dots. I had never thought about mixing pointillism and tattoos but it was perfect for me! 

Well to continue making a short story long: I became friends with the tattooer Amalie from Sinners Inc from Denmark and she became my mentor. She and her boss Mark helped me buying all the stuff I needed and she taught me the basics. I'm so grateful for that! I owe my whole career to her. She now works in one of the best tattoo studios in Europe: Bright Side in Copenhagen, so I was lucky to find such a hard working talented mentor. That is how I became a tattooer. 


How you would define your style?

Traditional/neo traditional/realism dotwork/blackwork. Sometimes people want me to draw straight on them and that normally ends up very abstract and a bit trippy/psychedelic. 


How does it feel to work in the most vegan tattoo friendly city of the world? 

Amazing! I feel so grateful to live and work in Berlin with so many empathetic people! 

Who are your favourite tattoo artists?

Ouff! The list would be too long! But Guy Le Tattooer is and will probably always be my favorite tattooer since he inspired me to become a tattooer. Alex Bage is sick! He is as good as it gets! Rich Hardy is also mind blowing.  Seriously the list will be too long if I continue. Too many good tattooers out there :)

Could you give an advice for those artists who want to make a switch to vegan-friendly tattoing?

Make sure that your ink, stencil paper, razor, stencil cream, ointment etc. is vegan and remember that if something contains glycerin then it needs to be plant based.

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