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Vegan and Animal Cruelty Free tattoo service.

All Custom Tattooing styles, from small one-point pieces for first timers to sleeves, backpieces and our specialty of Japanese bodysuits. At Authentink Studio we not only also specialise in Traditional Japanese Tattooing but also modern and neo traditional Japanese styles.

Our current stable of accomplished and professional tattoo artists can create nearly every style of authentic tattooing and aim to produce the best tattoo art possible whilst providing outstanding 5 star service.

Whilst most good quality inks are  already cruelty free we ensure that when you request vegan friendly tattooing from us you get certified vegan friendly inks. We’ve done the research and we know which ones are the best. We will now be stocking a full range of vegan friendly alternative products for use during your tattoo experience *on request, and have researched the best vegan aftercare lotions to recommend to you. We have also ensured that all of the products we are offering in our vegan process are entirely animal cruelty free and have not been tested on animals.

Owner - Horisumi – Kian Forreal:

Specialising in Traditional Japanese Tattooing (Irezumi)
Horisumi-Kian Forreal has been practicing Japanese tattooing for 24 years internationally as well as here in Australia and has worked all over the world studying under and working alongside some of the leading tattoo masters of today. He was given his Japanese Tattoo Title in Japan by a legendary Japanese Tattoo Master in 2013. 

Authentink Crew:

Horisumi – Kian Forreal
Hayl Storm
Seth Arcane
Ning Chula
Lance St. Vincent
Gus Honey
Soo Tattoo

Open Hours:

Tuesday to Saturday from 11am – 7pm


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