Sin On Skin


5239 Blowers St, Halifax, NS, B2X 0A1
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Longest running professional studio in Halifax, NS. Artists: Kyle, Eldrick and Carissa.

Kyle LeBlanc - Artist with 23+ years experience

Eldrick Murphy - Artist with over 10 years experience

Carissa Marchand - Finished her apprenticeship in April 2016. Now tattooing full time

Gift Certificates Available

VEGAN friendly and Gluten free inks

Private / Air Conditioned Rooms

Blood Borne Pathogen Certification

Longest operating studio in Halifax

FREE Consultations

2017 "Local Book Choice Community Award" presented by Yocale.

Received the 2017 "Award of Excellence" from "Three Best Rated"

Listed as #1, of the top 3 tattoo studios to see in Halifax by Three Best Rated

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