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Vegan Feminist Montreal Tattoo artist

Works at Le Chalet

Since the spring of 2014, Le Chalet has welcomed guests for a personalized and intimate experience in a 100% vegan private tattoo shop near downtown Montreal.

We do not take walk-ins, thus you can only visit us by appointment. At Le Chalet, there is no commercial sign outside of our shop, therefore there are no potential clients walking in and out, which assures that all clients who come in for a previously booked session get a personalised and relaxed experience.

To book and appointment with us and for any questions, it is best to contact us through our Facebook page, but you can also email fisthekey@gmail.com if you do not have a Facebook account.    

•    A 40$ deposit (non refundable) is necessary to officialize the request for a drawing and to book an appointment for the tattoo. A sketch will be sent to you for approval in the week leading up to your appointment.    

•    The deposit must be made by Intreac E-Transfer (for information on how to proceed, click here). Use fisthekey@gmail.com when asked to provide the transfer recipient’s email address. This 40$ deposit will be deducted from the total amount of your tattoo session.    

•    In the vast majority of cases, we work with a fixed price (a price that does not vary regardless of time needed to complete the tattoo). An estimate will be provided while your drawing is being created and the final price will be confirmed before starting the session.    

•    Please advise us at least 48h in advance of any set-backs but please note that if you do not show up to your appointment, you could lose your deposit and drawing.

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