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Tattoo art, geometric, neo-trad, dotwork, ornamental, black work, sacred tattooing, spiritual tattooing, vegan tattoo artist.

To me Self Expression through Art feels like one of the most powerful driving forces in the Universe. I believe that we all have it inside, and that we all can see through our physical eyes. The Realm of Visions is at reach to each and everyone, through the Third Eye which we all are gifted with.

The experiences, from existence in this and all the other worlds and dimensions give me inspiration for my art. I believe that at times I am a Vessel of some higher force that is manifesting through me. And the channelled creation is a message or inspirational gift to others.

I am also passionate about the Sacred, Tribal, Native and Ethnic art created through history likewise today’s modern Visionary Art movement. They all have big impact on my creations as I can be inspired by other artists, performers, shamans and all beings. I can feel that we are all connected through the creative web of life.

When I create the process for me is like a meditation, trance but mostly like a ritual yet sometimes a simple human fun. I try to have huge pleasure in everything I do in my life and I always like to take conscious choices and be aware of every step I make.

I am a self-thought artist and that’s why I still have lots to explore and learn in the arts realm. Yet I am very passionate about Tattoo and that’s where I see myself growing and exploring. It feels to me like tattoo combines together all the aspect that inspires me in life and art. I practice tattooing for about three years now and I have learned most of my skill myself, though some of my talented tattoo artists friends thought me some of their experiences they gained through years of practicing this ancient form of art.

My style can be described as a modern-spiritual art that have big community of amazing artists spread through the world. Most of my creations are born in my artist studio where I spend most of my time. Apart from tattooing I love to paint, draw and make various forms of crafts.

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