Interview with Vegan Tattoo Artist Jimmy Galan

We would like to introduce you an amazing vegan tattoo artist from London – Jimmy Galan! Jimmy shared with us his path to the tattooing, what’s inspiring him and gave some great advices.

“It’s good to know that you are not harming anyone by doing what you love.”

What got you into tattooing?

Around the age of 15 I was geting into punk. One day i bought some permanent black pens
and started drawing up my arms, stuff that i would have seen in album covers, lyrics from songs, anchors, hearts,
stars, roses etc. soon enough other kids from school were asking me to draw stuff on them, till one day that i was drawing
a nautical star on this kid who’s dad was a tattooer, he came the next day at school and told me that his dad wanted to meet me.
I went to their house after school where he had some machines that he explained to me how they work and basically that’s
how it all began. I was self taught for a while till i came to London and started my apprentiship under @knk_tattoo¬† of which i’m so grateful.

Can you tell us a little about your style?

Western classic tattooing with my own twist on it.
I basicaly mix the classic color pallet with a lot of bright vibrant colors.
On my latest stuff you’ll notice a lot of pink, yellow, purple, magenda and other colors that you would not usually see in
classic designs. Colors that are “against the rules” of classic tattooing.
I do really enjoy working with colors, they do really make the design pop and come to life.

What are some of your inspirations?

Mainly my customers. Every single story that i get to hear, from a memorial piece to a silly joke tattoo.
I get to connect, learn so much about them and be a part of their jurney. But also my own jurney, tattooing inspire me itself.
Digging deep to the classic americana motifs and trying to recreate them in my own way, learning about the old timers,
their individual stories, the tatttoo industry back then, and taking it forward to now. there is so much history to be learned!!
It’s the most inspiring fun chalenge I ever got myself into.

Are there any artists that influence your work?

Waaay to many!!
My all time favourites from the old timers are, Amund Dietzel, Percy Waters, Charlie Wagner.
A few of modern artist that i do follow their work and influence me, Shaun Topper, CIV, Valerie Vargas, Harriet Heath,
Dan Smith, Amy Savage, Bill Loika, Freddy Corbin, Jen Lee, Alexandra Skasgard of course KNK and sooo many more.

Can you give an advice for those artists who want to make a switch to vegan friendly tattooing?

There’s no point of risking your customers skin/health, there is a reason why the whole tattoo indusry
is making a turn to vegan friendly products, so what is it that holds you back? Just do it. Nothing to lose there,
you can only gain from it and it’s good to know that you are not harming anyone by doing what you love.
Also make sure to check if your stencil papers and lotions are vegan and if you aren’t 100% sure i suggest you
to e-mail the companies or other vegan artists. I would love to help you too, you can message me directly on instagram or by email.